Epic Jet is uniquely qualified to help you meet the challenges you face as an Executive or Personal Assistant. We understand the critical nature and difficulties involved with maintaining schedules, while constantly adapting to changes. We consider every flight critical, whether the trip is for a board meeting, performance or the family vacation, we will work tirelessly to make you look good.

Epic Jet will assist at every stage from pre-trip planning through invoicing to ensure our collective success. The basic elements are detailed below:

  • Immediate and consistent responses to all of your requests – anytime.
  • No cost consultation and pre-planning assistance
  • Simple and transparent quotes and contracts
  • Effortless booking and confirmation processes
  • Concise itineraries and flight progress updates
  • Concierge service for any requests associated with the trip
  • Invoicing which can be tailored to me your accounting and audit requirements

Epic Jet offers free consultations to educate and inform personal and executive assistants on the advantages, intricacies, and pitfalls of private aviation. No double talk, no mystery, no obligation – just 20 minutes of your time. Call or email to arrange a convenient time. 888-360-5387 or charter@flyepicjet.com


Epic Jet understands the nature of your work, and how critical your performance is. We will work tirelessly on your behalf, and get to know every nuance and passenger preference. We are available to respond immediately to every change no matter what hour of the day or night. We will work closely with you in advance on catering and ground transportation, and the million other little details to orchestrate a perfect trip every time. Then on the day of flight, we stay ahead of the aircraft to eliminate potential issues before they arise and keep you updated continuously of the flights progress.

You tell us the address of the meeting, and we advise the most efficient airport to fly into. In the US airlines serve less than 400 airports, we can utilize as many as 5000 airports, many much closer to the destination. And of course there no maze of connections – the aircraft goes where you need – when you need it.

Further we use our decades of experience to maximize your efficiency and the bosses’ time. We can help you organize multiple city visits per day, and select the airports with the least delays, best weather, and best services. We can even help you arrange meeting spaces right at the airport.

Epic Jet works with the best private aviation providers to ensure that the entire process is hassle free and passenger friendly. Passengers are not subjected to obtrusive searches, and will pass through a clean and modern five star private aviation facilities, with all the conveniences and no crowds.

While always subject to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations for safety, chartered aircraft operate on the boss’ schedule. If your principal is running late, we adjust the aircraft schedule to meet his or her needs, and keep all affected parties up to date along the way.