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Learn more about chartering an aircraft by downloading NATA’s Guide to Chartering

Savings of 30 – 60%

Epic Jet specializes in “point-to-point” pricing, which means significant savings for you. Get a great price and book now – on your schedule, not ours.

Different from a “one way” pricing offered by some air charter brokers, Epic Jet offers a unique opportunity to obtain point-to-point price immediately and secure the flight now.

Epic Jet does not wait to pair your travel with someone else’s empty flights, or try to maximize our profits by using some unknown operator who happens to have an empty aircraft headed your way. Rather, we work with a network of trusted aircraft operators to manage the supply to meet customer demand.

Epic Jet utilizes our experience and common-sense logistics to achieve substantial savings, which we then pass on to you.

The elimination of exorbitant overhead, administrative, and management fees allows Epic Jet to deliver a savings of 30-60% on most flights, especially as compared to national jet card, jet membership and fractional programs.