Count on Us

One of the many reasons to choose private air travel is to eliminate the variables and headaches of less refined options. While air travel always has some level of complexity and interdependencies, Epic’s vigilance is focused on ensuring you arrive relaxed, refreshed and on schedule.

Epic’s leadership team is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, bringing decades of industry experience, including not only aircraft charter, but also extending into airport and aircraft service management. It is this insight and hands-on approach that allows Epic to identify and resolve complex issues before they impact our customers.

Epic Jet’s relationship with trusted preapproved aircraft operators further increases our reliability and responsiveness to your needs. We have operators based throughout various regions and have the ability to serve more than 6,500 airports worldwide. This gives Epic the ability to arrange for substitute aircraft, or adapt to changing airport traffic or weather conditions quickly. Epic Jet remains focused, coordinating the details of each trip, while the aircraft operator is tasked with ensuring the readiness of the aircraft and the aircrew, and is responsible for addressing any factor that could effect the safety of the flight.

Sometimes it is about what we know and who we know.