At Epic Jet, the safety and well-being of you and your family are our first and foremost concern. As such Epic works diligently on your behalf to ensure that the aircraft and operators selected for your travel meet or exceed the highest air travel standards of any country in the world.

Federal Aviation Administration

All of the aircraft operators utilized by Epic Jet are licensed, certified and monitored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The air carriers chosen by Epic Jet maintain complete operational control of the aircraft to ensure that the flight is conducted in accordance with the safety rules and regulations established by the FAA for your protection. The FAA’s regulations include oversight for flight crew training, pilot experience, aircraft maintenance, flight dispatching and all aspects of the operations.

Internal Monitoring

Epic Jet draws on more than 30 years of aviation experience in all facets of aircraft, airport and aviation service operations. The aviation professionals at Epic Jet believe that our responsibility as a broker goes far beyond the safe completion of the flight. In fact, we believe in hands-on operator inspections and the selection of only the most reputable charter operators to ensure the safety and quality of your flight. Strong professional relationships with the right charter operators are core to our business model, and ensuring your satisfaction and comfort.

External Monitoring

Epic Jet also believes that ongoing diligence is essential to air safety; as such we utilize several independent third party processes and services to verify and perform field audits to ensure compliance with the best practices in the aviation industry. Information regarding these services can be found by linking to the company’s website as highlighted below, as these companies are not affiliated with Epic Jet or its selected charter operators.

Wyvern Consulting Ltd. (Wyvern) is a global leader in aviation safety consulting and information services. Corporate flight departments, travel departments, fractional programs and charter brokers use Wyvern as their primary source of aviation safety information.

Aviation Resource Group / US, Inc. (ARG/US) has come to be relied upon by companies that manufacture, finance, operate, use, maintain and market business aircraft. ARG/US provides real-time, accurate information and advice together with unique, proprietary information products. Their primary products focus on safety reports on Part 135 charter companies, financial aircraft operating cost reports, and market research for the commercial and business aviation industry. Since their inception their recognition and influence has grown to the point where they are now the de facto standard for charter operator safety reports, aircraft operating cost reports and market research for aircraft manufacturers.

Learn more about how to avoid illegal charters by downloading Avoiding Illegal Charters by NATA


Epic Jet acts as an agent for customers to obtain air charter services from air charter operators. Epic Jet is not an air carrier or air charter operator under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 121 or 135, and does not exercise operational control of the aircraft or flights.