Very Light - Entry Level Jet

Very Light – Entry Level Jets are efficient charter aircraft options, offering the comfort and capabilities of a Jet for short trips generally within a regions.   The Super Light Category offers improvements in range and or speed, as a hybrid of Light Jet and Mid-Sized Jet Capabilities possible because of advances in aircraft technology.

The Very Light – Entry Level Jet category can fly non-stop between cities within Regions of the US, Europe and to and from the US to the Caribbean. Typical routes from New York to Raleigh Durham, Chicago, or from Los Angeles to San Diego, Aspen or Las Vegas, or between any major cities with in Europe can be served by this category

This categories performance allows the aircraft to land at the smallest regional and business airports, getting passengers very close to the most popular business and pleasure destinations.

Very Light – Entry Level Jets provide passengers with room to relax, converse, and work with cabin arrangements ranging from 3-4 passengers.

Very Light – Entry Level Jets are commonly equipped with self-serve refreshment facilities, good storage space luggage, on board enclosed lavatories. Baggage compartments generally cannot be accessed in flight but offer adequate storage space for standard baggage.

Category Includes:

Cessna Mustang, Eclipse Jet, and Embraer Phenom 100


  • Passenger Capacity: 3-4
  • Excellent Short Runway Performance
  • Inter-Regional Range (600-1000 Miles)
  • Average Cruising Speeds
  • Baggage: 6 standard sized bags
  • Very Limited capability for tradeshow equipment, skis and golf clubs
  • Stand-up cabin – No
  • Lavatory – No
  • Cabin Attendant – No
  • Refreshment – Snack  Bar – No
  • WiFi and Entertainment Systems – Optional / Varies